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News and New Products

Hexion NextGen Epoxy™ Waterborne system offers performance comparable to solvent-borne systems while meeting stringent VOC regulations. Ideal for both concrete and DTM applications.

NextGen Epoxy™ Product Bulletin
Hexion Gulf Coast Chemical received Hexion's Distributor of the Year Award for 2015.
Chromaflo Thermoset Colortrend® 871 Series Colorants are new cost effective, low-VOC, APE-free,high-strength, pourable color pastes recommended for in-plant tinting of waterborne coatings.

871 Series Tech Data
Poraver Logo Poraver® expanded porous glass beads from post-consumer recycled glass have a number of benefits such as thermal insulating properties and as a light-weight filler.

Creamy white in color with size options ranging from 0.04mm to 4mm. Treated "X" grades available for applications where lower oil absorbtion is required. One pound of DE will do the job of two pounds of clay.
Imerys Imerys offers several options for TiO2 replacement in coatings. By using specially engineered kaolin clay and calcium carbonate grades, TiO2 usage can be reduced by up to 25% without loss of opacity or other key properties.

Click on link below for overview and additional information.

Imerys TiO2 Extenders
EP Minerals Logo EP Minerals has diatomaceous earth (DE) grades engineered to work as efficient absorbents for spills. One pound of DE will do the job of two pounds of clay.

1) Floor Dry:  Coarse, industrial grade for oil spills

2) Solid-a-Sorb:  Paint waste and chemicals

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