We Have Exclusive Sourcing

Color blends, fillers and specialty products for composites and cast polymer applications.

Organic and conventional oils and extracts for personal care applications.

Sharpjet garnet and equipment for waterjet machinery, various blasting abrasives.

Talcron® and Microtalc® talc grades.

Surfactants, emulsifiers and humectants.

Diatomaceous earth and perlite products.

Spectraquartz® colored aggregates and specialty quartz sands.

FRGEL® organoclays and specialty rheology modifiers for solventborne and waterborne coatings.

Filter bags and vortisieve screens

Round and oblong metal containers for various applications.

Black Beauty® blasting abrasives.

Grifcote® concrete form release agents, rust inhibitors, form seasoning agents and concrete disolvers.

Replacement and upgrade parts for precision waterjet machinery.

Epon™ epoxy resins, hardeners and diluents. 100% solids, waterborne and solventborne.

Calcium carbonates, precipitated carbonates, and treated grades.

Water-based specialty polymers.

Plastic containers and lids.

Expanded glass beads for thermal insulation and sound absorption properties or as lightweight filler.

Specialty muscovite mica grades

Silica sands for variety of applications

Kaolin clays and metakaolin clay pozzolans.

Metal containers

Imsil® microcrystalline silica and Minex® nepheline syenite.

Synpro® zinc stearates, calcium stearates and aluminum stearates.

Vansil® wollastonites and pyrophyllites.

Organic & inorganic pigments, iron oxides, rutile titanium dioxide, pearlescents.

Zinc oxides and zinc dust.